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Heidenhain Has a New Digital Readout System

Heidenhain Has a New Digital Readout System

Heidenhain Corporation's ( new universal ND 780 digital readout system will be showcased at IMTS. Heidenhain says the new system is compatible with any manual machine tool, including milling, turning, boring and drilling machines and that it is compatible with all single or multi-axis machine tools up to three axes. The system comes with a library of onboard user cycles, has menudriven text help, a newly designed ergonomic housing, soft keys and bright six-inch LCD screen. Heidenhain also will showcase a new contouring control — the TNC 320, a full function control that incorporates features of Heidenhain's high-and iTNC 530 control, including the ability to control five axes, but at a lower cost. The TNC 320 comes with a 15-inch TFT color flat-panel display (1024 by 768 pixels).

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