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Flexible New Deburring Center

Flexible New Deburring Center

Abtex Corporation ( has introduced a new deburring system that uses the company's own planetary deburring head. The Tri-Ten Series, named for its three 10-in. brushes per head, is capable of deburring both sides of a flat part in a single pass without flipping it.

A magnetic conveyor transports parts under the first planetary deburring head. After the top surface is deburred, a second magnetized conveyor draws up the part and transports it across another, inverted planetary head, which deburrs the bottom surface. A third conveyor passes the part into a degausser that demagnetizes it.

The base system design can also be expanded to include application-specific auxiliary equipment. For non-ferrous parts, Tri-Ten Systems can be designed using alternate part fixturing methods.

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