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Fiber insulation makes energyefficient furnaces

Lucifer Furnaces Inc. has introduced a line of energyefficient furnaces that the company says can provide an entire heat treat cycle in less time than it takes conventional furnaces to reach operating temperature. The company says the low-mass, ceramic insulation in its Space Saver, dual chamber furnaces replaces traditional brick insulation, and provides rapid heating and cool down, so that more heat cycles can be done each work shift. The units are heated by low mass, coil-wound heating elements on ceramic rods that act as individual units and cost less to replace than elements in brick-lined or other fiber-lined furnaces. The upper hardening chamber is rated to 2,200 F, while the lower draw chamber is rated to 1,600 F. The chambers are operated individually, and have separate digital controls, thermocouples and contactors.

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