Fanuc robot and controller

Fanuc Robotics America, Inc. has introduced a multi-purpose intelligent robot designed for a wide range of applications including assembly, part transfer, material removal, welding and machine loading. The new R-2000iB has the same workspace, installation, mounting interface, operation and robot programming as Fanuc’s R-2000iA six-axis robot.
The R-2000iB is available in several variations including a 165 kg base model, a high- payload version and a rack-mounted model. The company says the robot’s slim arm and wrist assembly helps minimize interference with system equipment and allows the robot to operate in small workspaces. It offers a variety of intelligent function enhancements including Robot Link, which controls and coordinates up to 10 robots through a network exchange of robot positional data. In addition, a new radar monitoring function for multiple robots that will be available later this year will be designed to give the robot positional data and motion information to prevent interference when it is used in multi-robot applications.
The new R-J3iC controller is based on Fanuc’s series 30iC CNC controller and uses high-performance hardware and the latest control technology to provide a level of intelligence never offered by Fanuc before.
According to Fanuc, a new vibration control function eliminates robot vibration during motion. With this function the R-2000iB can accelerate and decelerate very quickly, reducing cycle time by approximately 5 percent compared to current robot model.

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