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EDMs spotlight accurate C axes

EDMs spotlight accurate C axes

Charmilles added C axes to its line of Roboform 350/550 die sinker EDMs to increase their performance and to provide new EDM capabilities to manufacturers of molds and turbine blades and for parts that require helicoidal machining.

The company says it gave primary consideration to accuracy and reliability in designing its Accura-C models of the Roboform 350/550 Die Sinker EDM line. The models feature an extremely accurate Caxis.

To counteract the effects of pulsation movements in the dielectric fluid, the company says the C axis was built to withstand maximum inertia of up to 71,116 lbs. per square in. to boost productivity and to allow precise helicoidal machining with electrodes weighing up to 110 lbs.

Charmilles says the machine's pneumatic braking capacity, 60 nanometers (0.0000023 in.), guarantees maintenance of electrode position, while a liquid cooling system helps to eliminate inaccuracy from thermal instability.

The company says the Accura-C feature can be coupled with its new GammaTEC technology to develop greater benefits from its features. The GammaTEC combines an optimized dielectric system with a special, premixed additive to provide homogenous diffusion of spark energy. Charmilles said this combination of technologies produces the most accurate parts possible for helicoidal components.

The Accura-C includes other features found in Charmilles' Roboform 350/550 series of EDMs, including dynamic process control, interactive graphics and embedded electronic documentation.

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