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EDM for medical manufacturers

Swiss EDM manufacturer Charmilles has introduced a wire EDM designed for medical manufacturers. The basic Robofil 240 Med-Pack contains smart wire threading, integrated collision protection, and linear glass scales. A large taper capability includes maximum taper of 30 degrees and an improved filtration system maintains cleaner dielectric, resulting in a cleaner work tank and parts. The machine also features titanium and stainless steel cutting technology.
Options include:
A B-axis to provide turn-while-burn functionality for cutting parts such as saw guides and medical surgical tools.
An automation kit that allows for extensive unattended operations through integration with a robot.
A large wire spool or Sigma organizational software to attain higher levels of ‘lights out’ machining.
A high-speed generator to boost the speed and efficiency of the cutting operation.
And, a “Taper Expert” system for increasing accuracy while cutting variable-taper angles.

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