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Direct-Drive, Super-Precision Rotary Indexing Available

Hardinge's Workholding Division ( has introduced two quick-change rotary indexing systems. The systems incorporate direct-drive, rare-earth permanent magnet torque motors with no mechanical gearing. The frameless motors wrap around the spindle eliminating the need for a separate motor extension and resulting in a smaller footprint. Liquid cooling wraps around the motor stator housing to increase continuous torque output by 38 percent to 100 percent.

The A2-5, 16C High-Torque system is designed for difficult, high-precision machining or jig grinding applications that require 4- or 5-axis interpolated machining or for parts that require extremely accurate angular positioning. A pneumatic collet closer is equipped with a dual cylinder resulting in 4,560 lbs. (2,068 kg) of adjustable draw bar pull. The motor has a maximum torque of 195 ft-lbs. (264.4 Nm), continuous air-cooled torque of 63 ft-lbs. (85.4 Nm) and continuous water-cooled torque of 87 ft-lbs. (117.9 Nm).

The A2-4, 5C High-Speed system is designed to position extremely fast with a high degree of accuracy and without backlash. 3,600 degrees-per-second indexing speed, 4 in. (101.6 mm) spindle centerline height and a fail-safe, through-hole collet closer is standard. The motor has a maximum torque of 56 ft-lbs. (76 Nm), continuous air-cooled torque of 7.6 ft-lbs. (10.4 Nm), and continuous water-cooled torque of 15.0 ft-lbs. (20.4 Nm).

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