Complex Measuring Made Easy

Complex Measuring Made Easy

The Tesa Micro-Hite 3D DCC coordinate measuring system from Brown & Sharpe Tesa.

The Tesa Micro-Hite 3D direct computer control (DCC) coordinate measuring system introduced by Brown & Sharpe Tesa ( at its Westec booth is designed to allow users of all skill levels to perform complex measurements quickly and efficiently. The system derives its simplicity of use from its PC-DMIS Pro metrology software. The software automatically recognizes feature types and creates interactive graphical representations of parts on its screen.

A preview screen identifies features being measured and lets operators review measurements as they are created in real time. The software makes individual measurements that do not require the construction of a part program fast. The software also has automated routines that are combined with easy-to-use graphic interfaces to provide quick and efficient measuring of complex geometries.

According to Brown & Sharpe, the Micro-Hite can accommodate 80 percent of manufactured parts in its 17 x19 x 15.5-in. measuring volume. The machine's offset triangular bridge design provides a low center of gravity and optimum stiffness-to-mass ratio, and air bearings deliver frictionless motion in all three axes for measuring repeatability to 3.5 µm.

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