CNC multispindle 10-position machine

Tornos Technologies has developed the MultiDECO 20/8d eight-spindle machine with two independent, 3-axis back working stations. “In essence, it’s a ten-position machine”, says Mark Saalmuller, Tornos’ Marketing and Communications Manager. “It’s a great solution particularly when you need to perform up to five distinct back working operations. This configuration can cut cycle times in half.”
In operation, positions 1 through 6 are used to perform operations on the front of the part. Every two indexes, two parts are cut off in positions 7 and 8. Those parts are then clutched by the two independent pick off spindles and presented to as many as five tools per part for a variety of back working operations. In theory, if the longest front work operation is 10 seconds and the back working position takes 20 seconds, the cycle time would still be only 10 seconds.
Spindle speeds on the eight independent motorized spindles range from 0 to 8,000 rpm. Unlike non-independent spindles which have to operate at the same rpm, Tornos’ eight independent spindles can all be run at different speeds at the same time allowing each spindle to be optimized for each operation.
The company reports that up to 40 parts per minute can be produced on this machine, which would place it as the “fastest CNC multispindle” in the market right now. The company also claims the machine is the most precise, maintaining part tolerances of 0.0002″.
The MultiDECO 20/8d can be equipped with a palletizer, which is especially useful for more delicate parts that need to be handled more carefully than ejecting them down a chute and into a bin. With the palletizer, pick and place mechanisms move the part out of the working area and onto a pallet stacked in a wheeled cart for easy transport to a washing or shipping area. As an alternative method, parts may be placed on a conveyor belt featuring part dividers to help avoid nicks and dings.
Completing the MultiDECO 20/8d system are the chip and oil management unit and Tornos’ dedicated computer-controlled automatic bar feeder that holds up to 80 bars of stock. Standard “live” tool machining attachments permit rotary milling, polygon and thread milling, broaching, and cross drilling operations.

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