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CNC marking tool

Dorian Tool International has introduced a dynamic pressure multi-character marking tool engineered to operate in conjunction with a manual machine, CNC turning or machine center, lathe, mill, or drill press. The tool – the CNC Marker – is designed with a dynamic pressure adjustment to control the depth of marking, the number of characters used and the variety of materials and hardness to be stamped.
The CNC Marker uses industry standard steel characters up to 0.375 in. in height, and can be removed or changed in the toolholder. The quick change steel stamp toolholder system fits into the tool head of the CNC Marker and a positive locking system ensures that neither the steel stamp nor the quick change toolholder become loose while operating.
Dorian says that stamping cycles are less than one second, giving its marker the ability to replace secondary stamping operations. The CNC Marker is available in two sizes.

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