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Bar feeder functions reduce vibration

Bar feeder functions reduce vibration

LNS America says its Hydrobar Sprint 555 bar feeders incorporate hydrostatic and hydrodynamic principles that allow users to cut up to 12-in. bar stock at maximum spindle speeds without dangerous vibrations. The company says the machines are the first to combine hydrostatic and hydrodynamic principles in bar feeding to produce more precise surface finishes on parts being machined, while allowing for a wider range of bar stock diameters, fewer guide channels and change-overs in two to eight minutes. LNS also says these bar feeders, which reduce downtime, improve productivity and support unattended operation.

The company says the bar feeder's hydrostatic feature uses a patented, self-opening bearing block design to permit users to run round bar stock at a lathe's maximum spindle speed with or without remnant retract. Meanwhile, the hydrodynamic principle uses an automatic front rest designed to prevent bar vibrations from transferring to the machine cutting area. That dampening of vibration works throughout the range of bar diameters that can be loaded into the machine, the company says. The hydrodynamic principle also adjusts automatically to the bar and pusher diameters when the operator inputs a bar stock diameter into the remote control.

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