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B-Axes With HSK63 For Wire And Sink EDMs

B-Axes With HSK63 For Wire And Sink EDMs

Hirschmann Engineering USA Inc. ( is now offering their model H150R.NC, an integrated B-axis for horizontal and vertical use on both wire and sink EDMs. The H150R.NC was developed to incorporate servo motors and encoders of various OEMs making it possible for integration directly to the machine control. Automatic indexing and the ability to "Turn and Burn" are possible depending on the machine control capabilities. The encoder is mounted directly to the axis spindle to ensure the highest possible accuracy. Spindle tapers and styles include: CAT or BT 40 and 50, HSK63, 3-jaw chuck with a through hole and a 150mm diameter face plate. The tapers can be pneumatically opened and closed to allow for robotic or manual loading. Manual and pneumatic clampers are also available for manual and robotic loading. Pneumatic clampers from Hirschmann's 5000 and 6000 systems as well as clampers from other EDM tooling systems can be used.

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