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Track Pallet Magazine

Track Pallet Magazine

Track pallet magazine

Makino’s ( newest addition to automation technology, the Track Pallet Magazine (TPM), enables users to reduce set-up times, increase machine and spindle utilization and raise machine production capacity. The system is well suited for low-volume and high-mix production lines and easily implements into any shop.

With the track pallet magazine, operators can load multiple pallets consecutively and let the track pallet magazine guide the process the rest of the way. Pallets automatically load and unload into the machine to nearly eliminate downtime typically caused by manual loading and preparation periods.

Requirements for installation included a Makino 1-series machine equipped with the Professional 5 control software. Track pallet magazine configurations are available in six, eight, ten and twelve pallets.

The track pallet magazine lets shops upgrade into automated technologies quickly without consuming large amounts of space. Installation of the track pallet magazine is configured based on ideal floor space requirements and is set up in either a T or I formation.

Shops can easily control the track pallet magazine and quickly make changes in their machining order. Priority for each pallet can be set at the Work Data screen featured at the Pro5 Control panel. An “express” pallet enables pallets containing emergency orders to take top priority. Other pallets with equal priority are machined based on previous machining start times. Pallets can also be suspended at any point in time and removed from the machining schedule.

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