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Robot loaded tool grinding

Increased efficiency in highproduction operations results from the addition of an automatic robot loading system to a Coborn RG9 CNC 8-axis grinding machine for PCD, PCBN and CVD.

The automatic loading system offers 6-axis operation with a fully integrated robot controller and handles 4.5-lb payloads using its 36-in. programmable reach and positioning accuracy of +/- 0.0001 in. Coborn machines are available through Precision International Corp., the exclusive North American sales and marketing representative for Coborn.

Two pneumatic grippers complete with gripping fingers pick up components or handle insert blanks. There are two insert trays, two insert plates and one toolholder for ISO insert-type tools and a hydraulic clamping system for robot handling of rotary tools.

The RG9 has eight programmable axes, including cross slide X axis and three programmable CNC camera axes for PCD and PCBN inserts and round tool grinding. Programming is easy using the RG9’s touch screen.

A large work envelope on the machine accommodates the addition of rotary and linear fixtures for 10-axis capability to produce helical ground PCD tools and K-lands on many PCBN and PCD tools. A special vision system provides high-speed tool measurement, automatic wheel dressing and wear compensation functions.

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