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One-Stop Automation Source

One-Stop Automation Source

One-stop automation source

The Kurt Engineered Systems Division ( has been set up as a onestop source for fully automated systems with comprehensive solutions for automating machine tool manufacturing and gauging operations. The new division combines Kurt’s Custom Engineered Workholding group and its Electronics Division with outside robotic integrators. It will present a sample system that includes a Fanuc LR Mate 200iC 6-axis robot interacting with a Kurt CTHDM6 hydraulic tower mounted to a Haas HRT310 fourth-axis indexer and a Kurt gauge.

The tower is modified and plumbed for double-acting hydraulics that will allow sensing positive movement when the workholding closes and opens on a part to be machined. The fully automated gauge measures and records features on the machined part, then captures and displays, in real time, recorded data for process control, product traceability and process capability studies.

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