OEM Masters Training

Despite its extensive use of automation, Haas still needs skilled machinists. It fills that demand through the Haas Master Apprentice Program (HMAP), a 30- month course of hands-on structured training that turns out skilled machinists who have the flexibility to handle a variety of CNC equipment.

The 5,200-hour master apprentice program is intense and challenging. It covers programming, flexible manufacturing systems, 5-sided machining, vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes, prototyping, hydraulic fixturing and robotics.

Haas views its entire high-tech Haas machine shop as the lab for its apprentice program.

Workers in the program have access to 66 FMS machines, 16 robotic machining cells, 15 large doublecolumn machines and a variety of other machine types and configurations. Graduates from the program have knowledge of the machine tools in every area of the shop and learn how each department operates.

Program apprentices are full-time, paid Haas employees and get all standard employee benefits. After completing the program, each apprentice may continue their manufacturing careers as a Haas employee.

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