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News: Mag Cincinnati

News: Mag Cincinnati

Mag Cincinnati
A Mag Cincinnati cell for automated machining of airframe components at Tect Aerospace.

Mag Cincinnati ( begins take-off roll for Tect Aerospace on a high-powered cell for automated machining of large titanium airframe components. The order includes a three-machine fiveaxis machining cell and processing methodology.

Ordered for Tect’s Wellington, Kan., manufacturing plant, the Cincron cell system integrates three, Mega 5, five-axis, 800-mm horizontal machining centers. The machines feature 6,000-rpm 180-degree-tilt spindles, CNC pallet rotation control and automatic pallet changing.

Cell completion is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2008. The order also includes “team” development of the machining process, fixturing, programming and tooling. Mag Maintenance Technologies, a sister organization to Mag Cincinnati, will provide the tooling and final run-off.

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