An Icon of Productivity

An Icon of Productivity

ICON Technologies

ICON Technologies, a new division of Hydromat Inc. (, will showcase its Productivity Center called the ICON 6-250.

The system combines flexible machining center principles with Hydromat’s rotary transfer production philosophy while incorporating engineering with the finest materials and components to produce a machining center of robust construction and extreme accuracy for production runs with rapid cycle times.

The ICON handles part sizes from a 2-in. cube to an 8-in. cube and features as many as eight tools in the cut simultaneously with eight machining units. Four machining units are horizontal and four are vertical.

These four cutting stations do 5-sided machining with 4-axis interpolation, and each machining unit is equipped with its own 10-tool changer geared for specific applications. Fanuc CNCs are standard on ICONs.

Also on the machining center, a six-pallet changing table quickly transports the system’s 300-mm workholding pallets to the index drives at each cutting position, or to two other stations. The ICON’s loading station is designed for manual or robotic production configurations, and an idle station has been incorporated for re-clamping or gauging processes.

A heavy-duty self-supporting machine base and frame weldment that is extremely rigid and requires no special foundation supports the features of the ICON.

ICON engineers will work handin- hand with customers to develop special tailored manufacturing process solutions. An engineering committee, including a wide array of manufacturing disciplines, monitors ever phase of each project, and SPC values are carefully weighed during project evaluations.

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