Human-like flexibility in a robot

Human-like flexibility in a robot


Slim and agile, with human-like flexibility of movement, Motoman’s dual-arm SDA10 robot is slimmer, stronger and packs significantly faster accelerations than its predecessor models. Its actuator-based design combines the motor, encoder, reducer and brake for each robot axis into one small, lightweight yet powerful package that is smaller than traditional AC servo motor drives.

The SDA10 accommodates loads of 22.1 lb per arm and reaches 77.6 in. horizontally and 56.7 in. vertically with a repeatability of 0.004 in.

With 15 axes of motion – 7 axes per arm, plus one axis for base rotation – the SDA10 is well suited for assembly, part transfer, machine tending, packaging and other handling tasks that formerly could only be done by people. The dual arms allow the robot to hold a part with one arm while performing operations on the part with the other arm.

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