Gripper Fingers Get Longer

Gripper Fingers Get Longer

Gripper Fingers

Schunk Inc. ( has expanded its servoelectric, 2-finger, longstroke gripper of its PE H Series to include sizes 30 and 50. With a maximum stroke of 100 mm per finger for the PEH 50, these grippers now are suitable for a large parts spectrum, extending from small components to large workpieces.

Gripping forces can be adapted to match applications – for the PE H 50, as high as 1,400 Newtons (315 lbf), with maximum finger lengths to 250 mm (9.8 in.). The brushless servomotors act as drives, and a new integrated Schunk controller enables simple programming, pre-configuration and commissioning. It also allows the use of command libraries created elsewhere for other modules

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