From Basic to Fully Automated Precision Bores

From Basic to Fully Automated Precision Bores


Sunnen’s ( SV-1000 Series of vertical CNC honing machines sport modular designs that are designed to be scaled up from single-spindle versions to fully automated multispindle systems for ultra-precise bore sizing and finishing.

For diameters from 3 mm to 65 mm, the machines will size bores to accuracies of 0.25 microns. Applications include diesel fuel injectors, gears, small engine cylinders, hydraulic components and medical devices in medium to high volumes.

Fully automated systems can be specified with servo rotary tables or linear part transfer, integrated part-handling systems and up to four spindles. In unmanned cellular processing, integrated post-process air gauging provides closed-loop control of bore size and geometry, along with SPC data and feedback control.

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