Automated Insert Grinding

Automated Insert Grinding

GrindSmart 620Xi
Rollomatic’s GrindSmart 620Xi includes a pick-and-place robot.

The clamping system and pick-and-place robot on the GrindSmart 620Xi 6-axis insert grinder from Rollomatic lets shops easily grind inserts.

The grinder is designed for sharpening every type of insert including indexable, nonindexable and replaceable inserts, threading and form inserts, grooving inserts, drilling and milling tip inserts and nonround tools.

The machine’s six, fully interpolated CNC axes, up to 8 grinding wheel capacity and a wheel inclination to 30 degrees allow it to adapt to individual insert designs and to grind all operations in one clamping.

The Grind- Smart 620Xi is designed to have greater flexibility than conventional, single-purpose insert grinders.

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