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Actuators Move in the Extreme

Nook Industries
Nook Industries offers modular linear actuators for extreme environments.

Nok Industries ( has focused on extreme-duty environments with the release of two new models of modular linear actuators – ELZex explosion-proof actuators and the Stainless Steel Modular Linear Actuator Series positioning systems.

ELZex actuators meet ATEX 95 explosion area testing certification for caustic environments. They are heavy duty and sport a rodless design that is belt driven. They also feature anti-static high-torque belts.

Built for corrosive harsh chemical environments, Nook’s stainless steel series of actuators come covered with stainless steel bands that wrap over the units’ square aluminum profiles to combat caustic washdown issues (acid solvent/acid bath cleaning).

The stainless steel also protects the aluminum profiles from exposure to damage due to clogging and pitting, which, in turn, protects the deep structures of the extrusion and extends the system’s life. No bellows are required for the systems.

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