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Why Use a Waterjet?

Waterjet manufacturer Jet Edge says there are several reasons to use a waterjet:

• Cut without heat, a process that is ideal for heat-sensitive materials, and to eliminate costs associated with thermal distortion of machined parts.
• Accurate cutting to accuracies of 0.005 in., with repeatability of 0.001 in. over the entire work envelope.
• No sharpening required because supersonic streams of water never dull.
• Minimize dust and toxic fumes. Airborne dust, smoke, fumes and contaminants are nearly eliminated in cutting processes.
• No finishing operations are required. Cutting parameters, material feedrate, abrasive particle size and flow rate eliminate the need for secondary operations.
• Non-contact cutting and cleanliness.
• Near-zero lateral cutting force.
• Minimum waste material.
• Omni-directional cutting. Profiles are not confined to straight-line geometries.
• Environmentally friendly. Waterjets do not produce hazardous waste.

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