Westec 2008

Westec 2008

Vertical Machining Centers

Bridgeport, a member of the Hardinge Group (www.hardinge.com), will demonstrate the latest addition to its GX-Series of vertical machining centers. Positioned between the company’s standard GX model and its high-precision model, the GX 1000 features 40.16 in. by 21.25 in. by 21.25-in. X, Y, and Z-axis travels; 10,000-rpm spindle with 34.8 hp; 24-tool automatic tool changer; and Fanuc i-Series GX control.

Hurco Companies Inc. (www.hurco.com) said its newest 5-axis machining center, the VMX42SR with a swivel head and horizontal rotary table, meets the demands of 5-axis machining without eating up valuable floorspace. The machine also includes a special version of WinMax control software geared specifically toward simplifying set up and programming of complex parts.

Toyoda Machinery USA’s (www.toyodausa.com) BM vertical machining center is built for heavy-duty machining of ferrous materials such as cast iron and steel. In addition to a 6,000 to 8,000-rpm geared headstock, the machine rests on a rigid iron base that is paired with four Y-axis box guideways to eliminate saddle overhang, while an extra-wide column expands machining capability.

A MAG Fadal (www.mag-ias.com) VMC 6536 HTX vertical machining center, tooled with special brazed and solid-carbide cutting tools from MAG Maintenance Technologies, will demonstrate aggressive cutting of titanium and hardened steel using its 50-taper, 6,000-rpm high-torque, air/oil spindle. Cutting feedrates for the machine are 600 imp, and it rapids at 900 imp.


Making its U.S. tradeshow debut, the Cut 20 wire EDM from GF AgieCharmilles (www.gfac.com/us) sports a new and intuitive humanmachine interface built on a Windows XP platform designed with non-EDM experts in mind. The machine’s IPG-V generator makes for extremely fast removal rates, even with economical brass wire, while low energy consumption and long working life of wear parts reduce operating costs to ensure profitability.

According to Mitsubishi EDM (www.mitsubishi-world.com), its FA 10 Advance wire EDM features the world’s first 3D adaptive EDM control, which can analyze 3D data and recognize shape characteristics virtually eliminating transition lines in stepped workpiece areas. The new M700 Series control is Windows based and includes a 15-in. LCD touchscreen.


Jet Edge Inc. (www.jetedge.com) will showcase its High Rail Gantry waterjet system, its iP60-50 ultrahighpressure intensifier pump, and a new self-feeding pneumatic drill. The waterjet system moves within its work envelope with an accuracy of +/-0.005 in., the 50-hp iP60-50 pump produces 60,000 psi with a flowrate to 1.1 gpm, and the pneumatic drill lets shops expand their waterjet work by being able to quickly pierce sensitive materials prior to cutting.

Flow International Corp. (www.flowcorp.com) said its 87,000-psi ultrahigh-pressure waterjet systems cut 20 percent to 50 percent faster than 60,000-psi systems, with as much as a 30 percent reduction in part costs and 50 percent less abrasive consumption. The 87,000-psi HyperPressure system can be incorporated onto the company’s Integrated Flying Bridge and WMC2 waterjet machines.


Fuji Machine America’s (www.fujimachine.com) TNW-3500R lathe boasts twin spindles, a gantry robot and slant-bed design. A 3/5-hp motor drives live tools in the machine’s turrets for secondary part operations, and for built-in automation, the gantry loader handles weights to 22 lb, while dual turrets hold ten tools each. Machine spindle power is 15/20 hp with a maximum speed of 4,200 rpm.

SNK America Inc. (www.snkamerica.com) offers, as standard, a C-axis spindle on its Prodigy GT-27 gang-tool lathe. Minus a turret, the machine eliminates tool changes, makes for short cycle times and high precision. The C axis provides full indexing in 0.01-degree increments, so live tooling can be used for side drilling and milling operations. A polymer composite base reduces vibration and improves precision, while extending tool life as much as 40 percent.

Convert from 3 axis to 5 axis

Tri-Tech Precision Products Inc. (www.5-axis.com) will display the Model 5414 5-axis programmable head attachment that attaches to virtually any 3-axis CNC milling center to provide true simultaneous 5-axis machining and drilling. The unit’s sturdy holding fixture enables quick installations of less than 30 min., and high-speed spindle options offer 20,000 to 40,000 rpm capabilities.

Air-guage-equipment honing

The new SV-1015 series vertical CNC honing system from Sunnen Products Co. (www.sunnen.com) will feature an integrated air gauging system. Matched with the company’s diamond-plated CGT Krossgrinding tools or MMT TurboHone multistone mandrel, the air gauge-equipped machine automatically controls hole size to accuracies of 0.25 microns without operator intervention. The machine’s close-loop control of tool size, along with downloadable SPC data, makes it ideal for automated high-Cpk production of small engines, hydraulic valves/bodies, fuel injectors, gears, and compressor parts in medium and high volumes.

Enhance machine productivity

Siemens Energy and Automation Inc. (www.usa.siemens.com) will introduce new solutions and services for machine tool manufacturers and end users under the theme of Productivity in Motion that focuses on turnkey solutions for the job shop and aerospace market segments. For machine builders and end users, the exhibit will key in on innovations in CNC, motor and drive technology, and new ways for CNC training.

Precision measuring

A new digital readout and two tool touch probes from Heidenhain Corp. (www.heidenhain.com) will take center stage. The ND 500 mid-level digital readout is now coupled with the company’s high-quality LS linear scale, all at an affordable price. The two probing additions include the TS 444 battery-free probe that charges via blasts of air and the TS 740 with an accuracy within 1 micron and repeatability within 0.25 micron.

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