Waterjet Automatically Follows Part Terrain

The Terrain Follower accessory from Omax Corp. makes it possible to cut parts from materials with irregular or warped surfaces, automatically and accurately, without the need for special programming. The accessory features simple setup and operation, and attaches directly to the motorized Z axis of Omax waterjet JetMachining Centers.

Immediately detecting changes in a material’s height, the Terrain Follower allows the machine nozzle to make required height adjustments automatically, and accurately maintain the required cutting stand off of 0.06 in., without reducing Z-axis travel. This ability to adjust to uneven surfaces also eliminates the need for additional programming.

Extremely versatile and water-resistant, the accessory can be turned on and off for each piece that’s cut. Further, it remembers stand-off heights between poweroffs and allows independent operation of stand off and collision detection. Users are able to follow along a material with the collisiondetection turned off.

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