Two more for five-axis work

Two more for five-axis work

five-axis work

Two machining centers, the B 300 and C 50 U, from Hermle Machine, provide 5-axis machining capabilities.

Available in 3 and 5-axis configurations, the B 300, considered an entry-level Hermle, sports a gantry design for fast, precise movement, a trunion table and mineral casting base. Machine axes measure 800 mm in X, 600 mm in Y and 500 mm in Z, and it features a 15,000-rpm spindle powered by a 19-kW drive. A 30-position tool magazine accommodates both SK40 and HSK A 63 tooling.

The five-axis version uses an NC swiveling rotary table that’s 280-mm in diameter with a 250-kg maximum load.

As the largest member of Hermle’s C series of machines, the C 50 U is designed for complex machining of large heavy parts and features X, Y and Z-axis travels of 1,000 mm, 1,100 mm and 750 mm, respectively. It handles workpiece weights to 2,000 kg and those with diameters to 1,000 mm and heights to 810 mm for simultaneous 5-axis and/or 5-sided machining.<<

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