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Two-Channel Turn Mill

Two-Channel Turn Mill

CTX gamma 2000 TC turn-mill center
The CTX gamma 2000 TC turn-mill center features a 2-channel control.

Harry Junger, managing director of Gildemeister Drehmaschinen GmbH, sings the praises of his company’s latest addition to its CTX beta TC- and CTX gamma TC series of machines. The new CTX gamma 2000 TC features a B-axis and highspeed 12-station turret, 2-channel control and DMG’s MultiChannel programming system with ShopTurn 3G interface.

DMG engineers optimized every inch of the machine’s space to integrate its additional turret for up to 12 fixed or driven VDI-40 tools. The innovative design allows for 4-axis machining on one spindle or parallel machining on the main and counter spindles.

For example, shops can use a turret-head steady rest to support shaft parts with diameters up to 5.9 in. on the CTX gamma 2000 TC. Then, center points can be fitted into the machine’s counter spindle or directly used from the turret. Pick-up devices for storing finished parts and an insertion aid for difficultto- feed workpieces enhance the machine’s ergonomics and facilitate the machine operator’s work.

The machine’s generously dimensioned work envelope allows components to remain on the turret and for swiveling in when necessary. Both toolholders operate independently of each other and are unrestricted in movement, making it possible for shops to handle a wide range of different workpieces and turn part lengths to 78.7 in. and diameters to 24.8 in.

Given the complex tasks the CTX gamma 2000 TC performs, the machine sets up quickly and is easy to operate. Such shop floororiented attributes derive mainly from the machine’s multi-channel Siemens 840D Solutionline control and, more specifically, the integrated ShopTurn 3G software for MultiChannel programming.

This control system stems from decades of close development cooperation between DMG and Siemens. It gives users the choice of DIN or WOP programming for generating the most demanding contour programs in dialogue.

“With the innovative symbiosis of 2-channel controls and MultiChannel programming, we can now offer shops the best of both worlds,” said Junger. “The system allows graphical 3D shop-floor programming directly on the machine, together with process simulation and convenient cycles via the ShopTurn 3G user interface, which is the same for the B axis and the turret. It also offers timeoptimized programming of demanding milling contours and integration of customer cycles, externally generated program modules and additional technologies via DIN code. Shops can even combine ShopTurn cycles with DIN functionality.”

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