Twin-Spindle, Twin-Gantry Automation

Twin-Spindle, Twin-Gantry Automation

Murata USA machine turns up productivity and accuracy

Noting the new machine’s twin-spindle, twin-gantry automation, Muratec USA explained that its MW50GT turning machine increases productivity and accuracy while reducing cycle time in a compact footprint. “The MW50GT’s twin-spindle, twin-gantry construction is engineered to provide exceptional rigidity, high-precision processing and high productivity,” according to Steve Landrum, North American sales manager of Murata Machinery USA’s Turning Division. “With its compact, energy-saving design, the MW50GT is ideal for compact line operation, flexibility and versatility in manufacturing, and easy set-up change.”

Murata Machinery USA Inc. is a machine tool manufacturer and a subsidiary of Japan’s Murata Machinery Ltd. The same company builds automated material-handling systems and textile machinery, and the Machine Tool Turning Division supplies twin- and single-spindle automated turning centers with compact and with intelligent gantry-loader material handling. Muratec turning machines also incorporate environmentally friendly, semi-dry cutting features to reduce dust, oil mist, and odor.

MW50GT CNC turning center
The “super-compact” MW50GT CNC turning center has twin horizontal spindles and twin four-station tool blocks, with a twin, three-axis CNC gantry loader.

Users of Muratec’s automated CNC turning lathes include shops supplying aerospace and automotive manufacturers, and other industries that require precision, high-speed turning.

The “super-compact” MW50GT is an automated CNC turning center developed to produce parts that are 50×50 mm (2×2 in.) It has twin horizontal spindles and twin four-station tool blocks, and its twin, three-axis CNC gantry loader offers greater versatility in automation, high productivity with minimum production time, and drastically reduces cycle time. This three-axis CNC gantry loader makes it possible to load and unload stocker systems, conveyors, post-process gauges, and post-process systems more quickly. Compared to single-spindle machines, the MW50GT’s compact design also saves space in production set up for more efficient line planning.

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