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Tool changer and job shop horizontal

Tool changer and job shop horizontal

revolver style tool changer
revolver style tool changer
Toyoda Machinery’s “revolver” style tool changer and its small-footprint highspeed FH400J horizontal machining center.

Toyoda Machinery has made available a special tool changer that can maximize machine tool productivity and reduce cycle times, and the company has introduced its most economical and smallest horizontal machining center for high-speed cutting.

The tool changer is a four-position changer, or “revolver,” within horizontal machining centers equipped with Toyoda’s Matrix Magazines. This fourposition revolver eliminates wait time typically experienced on chain magazines when a series of short-cycle time tools are processed sequentially.

By staging tools in the revolver for the current part process, time usually lost waiting for pocket index is virtually eliminated. The company’s large-capacity Matrix Magazines allow storage for multiple-part processing and additional back-up tooling as required to reduce time-consuming trips to tool rooms.

In operation, the system works like this. When the part program starts, tools in the magazine are called in process order and staged in the revolver, indexing as needed during the part process cycle. As soon as a tool completes its cycle, it transfers back into the magazine to its assigned pocket. Any ready tool waiting for a place in the revolver then transfers to the open pocket in the revolver.

Toyoda offers its OP Supporter software that oversees tool management and provides a convenient overview, at the machine tool CNC screen, of all tools within the magazine. The software also monitors tool time usages and tracks the tool loading station, revolver, back up tool and all stored tools while the machine keeps running.

Job shops looking for a small, affordable high-speed horizontal machining center may consider Toyoda’s FH400J. Sporting a small footprint, the machine features a 15,000-rpm spindle for high-speed machining.

The FH400J’s work area measures 23.6 in. by 22 in. by 24.8 in. for X, Y and Z axes, and its table handles loads up to 880 lb. Other machine features include a CAT 40 spindle, GE Fanuc control, 40-tool magazine, and 2.4-second chip-to-chip tool change time.

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