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Tapping and Threading

Tapping and Threading

The GS:TEM Mini 3-axis thread grinder targets shops making high volumes of small precision threaded parts. From Drake Manufacturing, the machine sports an economically spaced work envelope measuring 100 mm by 100 mm.

Equipped with a diamond roll contour dresser, the GS:TEM Mini dresses complex topping and nontopping wheel forms including full radius and gothic arch, Acme with crest and root radii or chamfers, as well as 60 degree, Whitworth, ISO buttress and other thread forms. Drake’s PartSmart menu-driven software comes with customer parts pre-programmed into its system. No programming knowledge is needed, and the operator simply follows the screen prompts and enters values.

The EDtapper adds CNC capabilities to sinker EDMs for tapping a wide variety of holes. Shops attach the device to an EDM as they would an electrode using magnet or shank, affix electrode to electrode holder, position appropriately, extend and fix base foot, adjust horizontal movement scale, set depth of sinking to 42 mm, and operate. Complete setup takes 5 min.

The system converts vertical movement to orbital movement and forms the whole depth of a thread in one orbital cycle. Controlled via a machine’s control panel, the EDtapper eliminates the need for interfering with machine circuits.

Production needs in the oil industry are gushing, and Okuma has recognized those needs with its Oil Country Lathe LOC 650 large-scale lathes. The machines combine extensive bed lengths and chuck options with an increase in stability and accuracy.

LOC 650s, available in 2-axis and 4-axis configurations, perform tight threading and turning on large pipes. Machine spindle bores measure 7.87 in. (standard), and extra-large ones run 14.75 in. and 22.05 in. Also, Okuma’s Oil Field Threading Suite, which combines variable-speed threading and harmonic spindle control, delivers an exact match between infeed patterns and cutting increments.

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