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Taking the Initiative on Five-Axis Advantages

Hurco announces “Take 5 for 5-Axis” initiative with introduction of five new 5-axis models

Hurco Companies Inc. is introducing five new models of five-axis CNC machine tools, and using the occasion to re-focus manufacturers on the merits of five-sided machining for standard three-axis designs that have features on all five faces.  The Indianapolis-based machine tool source announced “Take 5 for 5-axis” initiative will seek “to galvanize manufacturers” to evaluate the merits of five-sided machining, perhaps for the first time.

“We are dedicated to helping shops increase profit margins and productivity by developing sophisticated control technology that is intuitive, easy to learn, and easy to use. Because we know that adopting a five-sided process is the most efficient way to instantly increase profit margins on existing parts, we’ve dedicated substantial engineering and R&D resources to five-axis technology during the last decade and significantly expanded our product lineup,” said Maggie Smith, marketing manager for Hurco Companies, Inc.

As part of the five-axis initiative, Hurco has introduced five, new five-axis models: the VMX30UHSi, VMX42HSRTi, VMX84SWi, VMX60SWi, and VMX60Ui.

“Purchasing a five-axis machine is truly an investment in the future that pays dividends today,” she continued. “When a shop invests in a five-axis mill and runs their existing parts on the five-axis employing five-sided machining, or 3+2 as it is sometimes called, they immediately reduce setup time, increase accuracy, and reduce cycle time on those parts. In the future, they can bid on the more complex five-axis simultaneous work, or full five-axis. Not only do they expand their capabilities and customer base, they help their employees expand their skills,” said Smith.

In addition to the release of new models, the Take 5 for 5-axis initiative includes an educational website, a webinar, and several live seminars at events throughout North America.

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