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Swiss-Machine Training

Swiss-Machine Training

Swiss-machine training

MasterTask Training Systems ( has launched its Mastering CNC Swiss – Online training course.

During course registration, trainees select from Citizen, Star or Tsugami lathes as well as bar loaders from LNS, Citizen or Iemca. The course provides instruction in both basic CNC machining as well as the specific procedures on the machine and bar loader combination selected.

Trainees view screen displays, control panels and machinery components of the selected brands and are required to complete job tasks in simulation during the testing portion of the course. If they make any mistakes, they repeat the procedure until they achieve a perfect score. They can return to the instruction within each module as often as they need.

Little or no reading is required with the multimedia-based content. Instruction and testing include stateof- the-art imagery with 3D and 2D animated graphics, slow-motion video, and real world examples of Swiss machining.

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