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Super Turning

Super Turning

Super turning

Miyano Machinery ( will unveil three new ABX Super Turning Center models, the ABX-51TH3, ABX- 51THY and the ABX-51THB. The ABX-51TH3 has two upper turrets on the left and right side, both with Y-axis controls. A lower turret, capable of working on both the left and right spindles, makes a total of 36 tools (with all tool stations capable of live tools) available for performing complex front and back operations simultaneously. The ABX-51THY has the same features as the ABX-51TH3, but adds a Y-axis control to the lower turret.

As the most advanced ABX model to date, the ABX- 51THB simplifies machining angular features with its completely independent B-axis lower turret. Both the ABX- 51THY and ABX-51THB incorporate more powerful motorized turrets for heavier cutting to be performed by live tools.

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