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Solid carbide deep drills

Solid carbide deep drills

deep drills

Iscar said its new solid carbide deep hole drills re designed to drill to 22 times diameter and reach bottom10 percent faster than with other solid carbide drills and six times faster than with HSS drills. This capability can be used to de-bottleneck many high-volume operations in automotive powertrain manufacture, including crankshaft oil holes. Other target applications include deep holes in camshafts, connecting rods, cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, hydraulic blocks and die and mold work.

A high-strength core creates a durable drill point and allows for deep flutes, enlarging the exit path for chips. Also, a 30-degree helix provides for easier chip clearance.

The drill tip has a 140-degree positive-point, four-margin design to preserve the edge, reduce thrust forces and aid centering and tracking. A post-coat polishing step on the flutes, margins and cutting edges reduces friction and torque that can easily snap a drill. To further reduce friction, flutes are radially relieved to reduce the diameter behind the tip and reduce rubbing with the walls.

Internal coolant holes accommodate all types of cutting fluids and operating conditions, including minimum quantity lubrication.

The new drills are available in standard diameters ranging from 0.197 0.394 in, with 20 and 22 length-todiameter ratios. Special sizes are available. All are made of IC908, a 10-percent cobalt submicron carbide grade and come with a TiAlN physical vapor deposition coating that can be reconditioned.

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