Smallest EDMed Hole

Smallest EDMed Hole

A Sodick AE05 Nano EDMed a 2.9-micron hole using a 4.8-micron electrode.

Sodick’s AE05 Nano EDM has established itself as a world record holder by machining a 2.9-micron-diameter hole using a 4.8-micron-diameter tungsten electrode, reported the company. This staggering achievement results from the machine’s completely contact-free Z-axis motion.

A pneumatic static bearing makes for ultraprecise movements in increments as small as 1 nanometer and works in conjunction with coreless linear motors for rapid response. As with all Sodick ( linear machines, motors are maintenance-free and ensure zero backlash.

A built-in CCD camera gives users easy and precise measuring without changing setups. The camera magnifies to X 3,500 for viewing 1-micron details as 3.5-mm images.

Application industries for the AE05 Nano include ink-jet nozzle, optical electronics and medical. Like all high-precision EDM machines, the AE05 Nano should be installed in a temperature-controlled environment. However, to avoid further thermal influences, Sodick has housed the machine inside a full cabinet and incorporated a special temperature-control system for the machine body surface to eliminate adverse thermal effects from negligible motor heat, ambient temperature fluctuations and even the machine’s operator.

In other AE05 Nano news, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, one of Japan’s leading daily newspapers, has honored the machine as a joint winner of its Nippon Brand Prize for the best new product. A short list of nominees was selected from all areas of industry, including electronics, communications, IT, construction and others. The award recognizes outstanding products that demonstrate creative and innovative technology.

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