Small in size, big on performance

Small in size, big on performance

sliding-headstockA Deco Sigma 8 sliding-headstock singlespindle machine may be small in size, but it delivers levels of performance typically associated with larger such machines, according to its builder Tornos US ( The machine boasts part-diameter accuracies of +/- 1 micron, 8-mm bar capacity, a 15,000-rpm spindle, five independent axes (plus two C axes optional) and room for 20 tools.

With the machine’s linear tool system mounted on two axes (X1 and Y1 cross-slide), shops can run five or eight transverse turning tools or ones driven by motorized HF spindles for drilling, milling, slitting and more. They can have two axial turning tools for operation and counter-operation mode (1+1) or two additional turning tools for external counter-operation turning. And shops can benefit from four-position support for boring to 16-mm diameters, accommodating up to four endfixed tools in operation mode and four in counteroperation mode for tapping, stamping and I.D. and O.D. turning. Plus, the machine’s radial tool post can run two radial turning tools driven by an independent numerical axis.

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