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Slimmed-down robotic torch

Slimmed-down robotic torch

Thermal Dynamics said its new XTR Robotic Torch sports one of the slimmest profiles available to the market today. Its sleek profile makes it specifically suited for use with the company’s Ultra-Cut 100/200/300 precision plasma cutting systems for robotic and bevel cutting applications.

In addition to its 9.3-in. profile, which allows for better accessibility and visibility, the XTR Torch’s weight, overall diameter and minimum bend radius of its leads have all been reduced. These design changes make the XTR Torch extremely durable in applications calling for repeated articulated motion.

The torch is equipped with standard Profile Cutting Consumables that are contoured for improved accessibility and visibility in robotic applications; a graduated scale on its body to help position clamping device consistently; Teach/ Position Tool to aid in positioning during setup; ultra light, flexible, robust torch leads; and self-centering components to maintain precise alignments.

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