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SinterGrip Video Demonstration

OML's new SinterGrip vise jaws grip just 3.5 mm of material to allow aggressive, 5-axis machining of high-value workpieces — with minimal waste material. With all but 3.5 mm of the workpiece held above the vise, SinterGrip jaws give access for machining with short cutting tools for high-rate metal removal and high accuracy in a single setup.

Developed primarily for use with OML's MC and Genius vises, SinterGrip jaws use scientifically designed, serrated, carbide inserts to penetrate the workpiece edge to a minimal, controlled depth and exert a push-down force on the part. Thin parts can be machined without deformation by clamping them at 6,600 pounds force to achieve penetration, then lowering the force to 2,200 pounds with no loss of gripping power. The jaws can also grip equally well on as little as 2 mm of part surface if the application requires.

The jaws are available in widths up to 8 inches (200 mm) and can be installed on most vises with mechanical, mechanical/hydraulic or hydraulic clamping systems. A starter set includes the tungsten-carbide-coated jaws, retention screws for the inserts, and a pair of OML's snap-in CLAK parallels for quickly positioning a workpiece at the ideal gripping height. The carbide coating on the jaws enhances grip for secondary operations. Jaw sets are also available without the carbide coating and in styles for the user to machine to size. The serrated inserts are sold separately, with three types available for standard steels, hard materials, and aluminum.

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