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Singlesource Supplier Capability

Singlesource Supplier Capability

LNS America
Bar feeder, chip conveyor, steadyrest and high-pressure coolant from LNS America.

Zeroing in on a theme of “feed it, hold it, cool it and move it,” LNS America Inc. ( presents its latest technologies in bar feeding, chip conveying, coolant management and workholding products. The company says it is the only source that manufactures, integrates and services all of these various products to improve the productivity of customer manufacturing operations and, as such, it offers the greatest compatibility for data transfer with leading OEM machine tool operating systems.

LNS products include the Quick Six S2 bar feeders, Hydrobar Sprint 565 and 552 automatic bar feeders, the Trytex 08 bar loader, the Microfine 3 chip conveyor, the MicroScraper H scraper conveyor, LNS high-pressure coolant systems, and steady-rest workholding systems.

Quick Six S2 bar feeders deliver quick and easy changeovers of the guide-tube system for a greater range and increase safety by eliminating bars over 6-ft long protruding from the back of a lathe, regardless of the lathe spindle length.

Both the Hydrobar Sprint 565 and 552 are designed for fixed or sliding headstock machines and operate in both hydrodynamic and hydrostatic modes. The feeders handle high machine spindle rpm and extend tool life. The 565 accommodates bar stock from 0.250 in. to 2.625 in., while the 552 handles stock from 0.250 in. to 2 in.

The Trytex 08 faultlessly loads bars having diameters between 0.8 mm and 7 mm, and its magazine holds 44 bars. It comes standard with an advanced programmable control system, intelligent synchronization, smooth servomotor operation and a special fast retraction system.

For Swiss turning, multi-axis turning and both vertical and horizontal machining centers, the Microfine 3 chip conveyor excels in installations with limited floorspace and machines requiring less height for conveyor installation. The system moves chip loads of mixed or dedicated materials and filters coolant to 50 microns.

The MicroScraper H filtering scraper conveyor delivers 500-micron coolant filtration. A self-cleaning filter element and special economical design make the system ideal for aluminum or any broken-chip applications.

LNS high-pressure coolant systems reduce tool wear, improve cutting accuracy and reduce cycle time. LNS application specialists create the systems to customer production situations to maximize efficiencies.

LNS uses 3D design capabilities, a broad assortment of quality steadyrest components and its expertise to create and install complete steady-rest workholding systems that integrate seamlessly into machining processes. The systems are fully automatic.

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