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Single-Setup Turn-Milling

Single-Setup Turn-Milling

Single-setup turn-milling

The Puma MX turn-mill, from Doosan Infracore (, tackles simple turning or milling to complex simultaneous multi-axis machining produced on one machine in one setup. The dual-spindle multitasking Puma MX is built for heavy and interrupted cuts, longterm accuracy and superior part finishes.

A 12-station turning-tool turret on the machine is nonlifting to protect the coupling from chips and other contaminants, and it indexes from station to station in 0.2 seconds. Live or static tools mount at any station and can be oriented toward either the machine’s main or sub spindle. A 7.5-hp motor powers live tooling to maximum speeds of 4,000 rpm. Also polar coordinate, helical and cylindrical interpolations are standard.

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