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Menomonee Falls Wisbased Unisig manufactures deephole drilling systems and precision metalcutting systems for complex structures required in aerospace automotive energy and medical part manufacturing
<p>Menomonee Falls, Wis.-based Unisig manufactures deep-hole drilling systems and precision metal-cutting systems, for complex structures required in aerospace, automotive, energy, and medical part manufacturing</p>

Seven Axes, One Set-Up for Deep-Hole Drilling

New Unisig series processes highly detailed parts, large or small, with four-sided capability in one set-up One spindle for gun drilling, BTA drilling Second spindle for CAT 50 machining Deep-hole drilling headstock proves five-to-seven-times faster

Recently, Wisconsin-based Unisig introduced its USC-M series of seven-axis deep-hole drilling and machining centers, a series developed especially for mold manufacturing. The new machines allow manufacturers to process large and small parts with four-sided machining capability in a single set-up.

The USC-M series machines use two independent spindles: one is for gundrilling and BTA drilling; a second spindle is for CAT 50 machining. This additional capability is combined with a rotatory workpiece table and programmable headstock inclination. Deep-hole drilling with high accuracy, plus all standard high-performance machining capabilities are available within the working envelope of the system.

The seven axes of control on the M-Series machines use the B, A, X, Y and Z axes for five-axis machining, the W-axis for the combined gun-drilling and BTA deep- hole drilling spindle, and the U-axis for machining. This provides "three plus two" machining to make deep-hole drilling and machining of compound angles faster, and easier. It also improves productivity and throughput by reducing set-ups and eliminating changeovers to multiple machines.

Using a deep-hole drilling headstock capable of conventional gun-drilling and BTA high-performance drilling has proven to be five-to-seven-times faster than gun-drilling alone, according to the developer.

Unisig engineers and manufactures the USC-M series in the United States, currently in two versions: the USC-M38, which offers a nominal drilling depth of 59.1 in., and the USC- M50, which extends the nominal drilling depth to 72 in. Both allow for drilling diameters up to 2 in.

Unisig also offers a full complement of options for these machines to expand their milling and machining functions, including full-enclosure guarding, a 120-position automatic tool changer, a laser tool pre-setter, and probing.

Once the machine is installed, Unisig provides comprehensive training that involves machine operation and process optimization as well as gun-drill tool sharpening. It also offers customers reference information and practical advice for proper machine operation.

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