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(Top), KMT Saw’s KS600 semi-automatic bandsaw and the K20RS abrasive-wheel saw (bottom) from Kalamazoo Industries.

Three new saws provide semiautomatic, manual and abrasivewheel operations. These include the KS600 and H350M from KMT Saw and the K20RS from Kalamazoo Industries.

The KS600 semi-automatic band saw handles production sawing of solids and structural shapes to 20 in. at 90 degrees in full cycle, semi-automatic mode. It offers double mitering to 60 degrees either left or right.

A variable-speed blade from 60 to 360 fpm lets operators adjust cutting speeds for optimal sawing. The machine’s frame, canted 5 degrees, easily cuts through the bottom of structural sections without vibration or sawing-rate slowdown.

When operators push one button on the saw’s console, the sawframe automatically senses material size, the machine’s vise clamps and the sawframe makes the cut at a preset rate, and automatically returns to clear the workpiece. The vise then opens for the next cut.

Engineered for production, the H350M manual bandsaw features a 3-hp blade-drive motor, full coolant system, full blade guarding, infinitely variable speed control from 60 to 360 ft/min with mitering to 45 degrees to the left and right, and a round stock capacity of 12 in. at 90 degrees, 10 in. at 45 degrees and 6.5 in. at 60 degrees.

Once material is positioned and locked in place, operators push one button, and the saw makes the cut at a preset rate. Afterwards, the sawframe automatically returns to clear the workpiece.

Well suited for structural steel and wide parts, the K20RS 20-in. abrasivewheel saw operates in chop style for cutoff or radial style for long parts. The saw’s spindle arbor measures 1 in., its spindle runs to 2,500 rpm with a 15-hp 3-phase motor, and the machine’s chain vise is foot operated. Part capacities are 6 in. by 18 in. for structural, I beams and shapes.

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