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Rotary axis for abrasive jet machines

Rotary axis for abrasive jet machines

A Rotary Axis from Omax Corp. is the latest offering in the company’s line of precision abrasive jet machining products. When equipped with a Rotary Axis, an Omax JetMachining Center cuts XYZ paths to create complex 3D parts with incremental index rotations from preexisting CAD drawings or DXF files. The accessory is available for installation on all Omax JetMachining Centers.

The Rotary Axis is good for cutting pipe, circular or square stock materials, and it’s designed with multiple mounting features on the output drive shaft. The accessory’s drive head also allows users to attach customized fixtures. The attachment design allows users to position the head in various locations in the tank. The horizontal Rotary Axis provides cutting adaptability in the Z-travel direction and adds several height options for the part’s design.

Fully submergible and powered by common table controls, the rotary head does not require an additional power supply. The accessory also contains a built-in water drip sensor with warning lights and automatic shutdown. Additionally, the Rotary Axis is equipped with external grease fittings for easy maintenance.

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