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Robot and Lathe

Robot and lathe

An optional Fanuc robot combined with SNK America Inc.’s ( fast, Prodigy GT-27 gang-tool lathe increases productivity. The full 6-axis robot achieves 5-sec door open-to-door close times, depending on the part being machined.

For fast and accurate small parts turning, the Prodigy features a C-axis spindle as standard, a super polymer composite mineral base and precision components. As a gangtool lathe, the machine is turret-less and requires no tool changes for shorter cycle times.

The Prodigy uses three axes of motion commanded in absolute or incremental modes. Its C-axis spindle allows for indexing and positioning in 0.001-degree increments, as well as more advanced functions including interpolation and polar coordinate milling. The Fanuc robot optional kit includes an LR Mate 200iC robot with 6-axis brakes, a single-phase R30-iA Mate controller and LR Handling Tool software. A double-gripper assembly is mounted to the robot, and there are two storage racks — each with pockets for 36 parts — protective caging and access doors.

Also, as an option, a parts conveyor transports finished parts from the machining area without interrupting production. A basket, configured to accommodate the geometry of the finished product, keeps machined parts separated from chips and cutting fluids.

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