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Quick Cut Offs

Quick Cut Offs

Modern Machine Tool

Modern Machine Tool Co.’s latest servo-slide and conventional cut-off lathes quickly, accurately and simultaneously cut-to-length and perform multiple machining operations on round stock, to create finished parts in one continuous cycle. The lathes’ automatic feeders handle stock to 60-ft long.

Programmable servo cut-off lathes feature compact, cast iron slide units that offer rigidity with the speed and serviceability of linear technology. The precision-ground, ballscrew-driven slides, with high-torque digital drives, make for easy setups and increase tool life. A standard constant surface footage spindle drive substantially improves machine productivity.

An optional 2-axis servo slide is available for simple turning, boring and drilling operations. There is also a retrofit package for most existing cut-off lathe machines to replace cams and cylinders.

The company’s conventional machines are single-spindle, lathe-type systems for producing cut-off of round tubing, pipe and solid bar stock. Stock feeds through machine spindles to stops that gauge cut lengths, and collets secure the stock as it is cutoff by tools mounted on cross slides. Part ends are cut square and with minimum burrs, and multiple cross slides permit deburring or chamfering the O.D. of both ends during cutoff.

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