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Profilers Head to Russia for Boeing Joint Venture

Profilers Head to Russia for Boeing Joint Venture

A MAG Cincinnati 5-spindle profiler plows through hard steel at Ural Boeing Manufacturing in Russia.

VSMPO-Avisma, one of the world’s largest titanium producers, has ordered four three-spindle MAG Cincinnati Ti (titanium) profilers for its plant in Verkhnaya Salda, Russia. The machines will produce a variety of parts, including large landing gear components, for Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

The new four-machine order follows a 2006 order from Ural Boeing Manufacturing for six fivespindle titanium profilers.

Ural is a joint venture between Boeing and VSMPO-Avisma. Ural uses the machines to rough large titanium components for Boeing to reduce shipping costs and increase manufacturing efficiency by keeping initial metal cutting steps near the metal production and forging operation.

The MAG Cincinnati E Mill takes on parts to 40-ft. long.

The four latest machines will be configured as two profilers each on two individual rail sets. Each of the rail sets are 96-ft long. The machines will be specially equipped to optimize titanium cutting with high-pressure (800 psi) coolant, high-volume (90 gpm) external coolant, side conveyors and cross conveyors.

Also for aerospace work, MAG Cincinnati ( has developed its special “one stop” E Mill that handles parts as long as 40 ft.

The E Mill, for composite and aluminum parts, performs contour machining, routing, drilling and tapping to produce finished complex 3D-geometry parts in single setups. The machine also can be used in other industries such as construction, shipbuilding and wind power.

The E Mill’s design combines a 500-mm (19.68-in.), 3-axis horizontal machining center with headstock and tailstock adapted from horizontal lathes to provide fourth and fifth axes of motion.

A part-manipulation system allows A-axis programmable rotation and 360-degree infinite positioning, while supplying V-axis linear travel pull-through for part feed. Work stock is loaded and unloaded from infeed and outfeed tubes.

Through-hole chucks with powered jaws on the machine’s headstock/ tailstock system allow workpieces to be advanced incrementally through the jaws. The live headstock travels on V-axis linear slides that let it move next to the stationary tailstock, lock on the workpiece, then slide back, pulling the workpiece along.

The system provides 42.9 in. of travel for incremental part indexing, and the fully programmable feed system accommodates workpieces from 14 in. to 40 ft in length, and to 12-in. square in cross section.

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