Profile Beam Milling

Profile Beam Milling

Shops in one-off, demand-driven manufacturing environments, such as those in aerospace machining, need fast, highly automated performance in their machine tools.

Bertsche Engineering developed its fully automatic 5-axis P5-Mill for entire families of large-scale parts from profile beams to aerospace standards to meet that need.

The machine’s axis travels measure 300 in. by 60 in. by 30 in., and it rapid traverses to 2,000 ipm. A new generation B/C directdrive fork-type head and 20,000-rpm 43-kW spindle deliver the high acceleration and feedrates needed for long part machining. A smart workholding fixture system provides automatic set up for more than 50 different part configurations for C, H and J beam profiles, even with varying cross-section thicknesses.

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