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Precision Milling Parts

Precision Milling Parts

The Feeler VM vertical machining center excels in ultraclose-tolerance work.

GBI Cincinnati ( said its Feeler VM series of vertical machining centers can help shops to meet the challenges of producing precision-milled parts.

The machines handle ultraclosetolerance mold work, as well as mixed-volume short-run operations and, at the other end of the spectrum, dedicated high-volume applications.

To combine performance milling and large machining capacity within a compact design, VM machines have 40-in. X axes, 20.5-in. Y axes and 22-in. Z axes in 9.2 ft by 7.2-ft machine footprints. Tables measure 45.3 in. by 20.5 in. with maximum load capacities of 1,100 lb and five table T-slots as standard.

The VMs reduce machining cycle and non-cut times with rapid-traverse rates of 1,417 ipm and 1,102 ipm, along with 7-second tool-to-tool index times for their automatic carousel-type turrets. The turrets hold 22 tools, change them in 1.9 seconds, and accommodate tools weighing to 17.5 lb with maximum diameters of 5.9 in. and lengths to 11.8 in.

Versatile high-speed linear guideways in X and Y axes and boxways in Z axes deliver machine positioning accuracies of 0.0004 in., and repeatabilities of 0.00024 in. Hightorque 25-hp AC GE Fanuc spindle motors with direct drives permit full horsepower at low spindle speeds, and the 40-taper spindles deliver 50 to 10,000 rpm.

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