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OEMs Fulfill Big Demands

OEMs Fulfill Big Demands

Nicolas Correa’s Supra
Nicolas Correa’s Supra machining center being assembled.

The demand for large and accurate machines in the U.S. market will continue to grow, commented Javier Eguren, managing director of machine tool OEM Nicolas Correa S.A. ( His company is producing more large machines than ever, a growing number of which have made their way to U.S. shops, especially those shops doing power generation work.

“Our customers in the States are looking for large-machining capacity. They need machines with not only part size capacity, but also flexibility and the capability to reach all a large part’s surfaces that need machined using the least amount of machine setups to do so,” Eguren said.

He said this is the reason that his company offers different heads for its machines. The heads allow users to do more in fewer setups on one machine. The Correa Supra, the company’s most popular large floor-type machining center, changes its heads automatically.

Various Supra heads include large right angle, vertical, C5C, universal and orthogonal. Nicolas Correa’s latest generation of UAD (universal autoindexing differential head) and OAD (orthogonal autoindexing differential head) heads lock into positions via double Hirth teeth for rigidity and reducing vibration when rough machining or using extra-long tools over 13.78-in. long.

The machine also boasts a vertical column height of 16.40 ft. and a rammisalignment dynamic compensation system. The system adjusts ram misalignment according to ram position to reduce angular errors, typical with column machines, over the whole ram travel.

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